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Congratulations on

Starting Your New Journey

WELCOME TO ESL Legal Academy’s Courses.


If your English Proficiency Level is A2-Elementary English and above,

  • English Basic User (A1, A2): A1 (Beginner) & A2 (Elementary English)
  • English Independent User (B1, B2): B1 (Intermediate English) & B2 (Upper-Intermediate English)

  • Proficient English User (C1, C2): C1 (Advanced English) & C2 (Proficiency English)

then you qualify to take our Legal English Course for Legal Professionals and Law Students.

If you are not sure of you English Proficiency Level, please click here to take our Legal English Proficiency Assessment/Test

Click on the video below to see a sample of our Legal English For Foreigners (ESL): Secrets to Learning Software Agreements Fast! (12 Minutes); unmute for sound. Please keep in mind that it is ONLY A SAMPLE of a larger lesson. It is to be taught to "Upper Beginner/Low Intermediate English Speakers and above." In this Sample lesson by design, when eliciting a student’s response, the instructor asks the questions, and then instructor also answers them as IF a student was responding. That is why only the instructor’s voice is heard. When this lesson is finalized, it will, in a classroom/Zoom environment, be taught in-person to students and the students will be answering the questions.


1. Our standard Legal English Online Zoom (or other virtual conferencing platform) Lessons are once (1) a week for two (2) hours and last eight (8) weeks. See our Calendar for next start date and enrollment.

Register for Orientation NOW!




2. For customized personal one-on-one or legal team lessons tailored to legal and contracting issues, we work on an on-demand schedule to global clients; information technology has allowed us to be anywhere in the world at any time via Zoom or other online services.


3. Our to-be-scheduled in-person seminars are a great way to start or re-energize your or your legal team’s legal career, gain expert knowledge, network with other legal professionals, and improve communication skills. See our Calendar for Next Start Date and Enrollment.

If in your opinion, you feel that you can benefit from our Legal English Course, please sign-up now.


Raymond G. Husum, Esq.


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