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Welcome to “Law 101: Hints & Issues.”

See below PowerPoint Lesson on how to negotiate a Service & License Agreement.

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Volume 2023, Issue #4: Contract Hints & Legal Issues: April 2023

US Naturalization Speaking Interview! TEST YOURSELF?

​According to U.S. Federal Law, to become an American Citizen through the Naturalization Process, an applicant must demonstrate “an understanding of the English language, including an ability to read, write, and speak... simple words and phrases... in ordinary usage in the English language.”

This means that an applicant must be able to read, write, and speak basic English in order to be eligible for naturalization. An applicant is required to pass each of the three components of the English test.

During the naturalization interview, a USCIS officer will determine your ability to speak English. Here is what an applicant can expect during the Speaking Portion of the Naturalization process.

US Naturalization Speaking Interview:

USCIS Officer:          Good morning, please take a seat.

Applicant:                   Good morning.


USCIS Officer:          Can you please provide me with your name and your A-number?

Applicant:                   My name is John Smith, and my A-number is A123456789.


USCIS Officer:          Thank you. Can you confirm that you are here today for your                                                                    naturalization interview?

Applicant:                   Yes, I am.


USCIS Officer:          Okay, let's begin. Have you traveled outside of the United States in the                                                past five years?

Applicant:                   Yes, I have. I went to Canada last year for a family vacation.


USCIS Officer:           Did you have any trouble getting back into the United States?

Applicant:                    No, I didn't have any trouble.


USCIS Officer:           Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?

Applicant:                   No, I have not.


USCIS Officer:           Have you paid all of your taxes?

Applicant:                   Yes, I have paid all of my taxes.


USCIS Officer:          Can you read and write in English?

Applicant:                   Yes, I can.


USCIS Officer:          Can you show me your government-issued identification?

Applicant:                   Sure, here it is.


USCIS Officer:          Thank you. Can you tell me the name of the President of the United                                                      States?

Applicant:                   The current President of the United States is Joe Biden.


USCIS Officer:          Great. Now, can you answer some civics questions?

Applicant:                   Yes, I can.


USCIS Officer:           Who is the Chief Justice of the United States?

Applicant:                   The Chief Justice of the United States is John Roberts.


USCIS Officer:           Name one U.S. territory.

Applicant:                   One U.S. territory is Puerto Rico.


USCIS Officer:           What is the name of the national anthem?

Applicant:                   The name of the national anthem is "The Star-Spangled Banner."


USCIS Officer:           Very good. Now, I will read a sentence and you will have to repeat it back                                           to me. "I can't go to the party because I have to work."

Applicant:                    "I can't go to the party because I have to work."


USCIS Officer:           Excellent. Now, let's move on to the reading and writing portion of the                                                test. Please read the sentence on the screen.

Applicant:                   "The flag of the United States has fifty stars."


USCIS Officer:           Great. Now please write the sentence "I will vote in the election" on this                                              piece of paper.

Applicant:                   Okay, here it is.


USCIS Officer:           Thank you. That concludes the interview portion of the naturalization                                                  process. Based on your responses and documentation, you are eligible                                            for naturalization. Congratulations, and welcome to the United States of                                            America!



If you missed our last lesson on Contract Negotiation, please see PowerPoint below. To see our negotiating strategy, please Left Click on your mouse for best viewing. Otherwise, you can use Arrows at bottom of PowerPoint Presentation to proceed through lesson. Find a colleague for this lesson. During the lesson, you can be either the provider/seller/vendor or recipient/buyer/vendee of a good of service.

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