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Welcome to “Law 101: Hints & Issues.” 

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Issue #3, Part 2 of 3: Contract Hints & Legal Issues: March 2022

Here you will find hints on how to understand, negotiate and draft contracts and major issues relating to contracts. The answers will be published after our Zoom Meet & Greet on 4/2/22. Come learn the “ins and outs” of Legal English (Vocabulary), Contract Drafting (Writing) and Negotiating (Speech) from three licensed attorneys.

In our last update we discussed (I) Type of Contract - Uni____, (II) Clauses..., (III)  Legality and (IV) Capacity. Now we will discuss, (V) Three Basic Elements of an Agreement, (VI) Certainty and (VII) Entire Agreement. Then our next update will cover these Agreement Clauses, Provisions and/or Terms.

V. Three Basic Elements

Read the below Clue. Then answer it as a question.

For Example,


Clue/Definition: A court’s/judge’s power to make legal decisions and judgments.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is Jurisdiction?

1. Clue/Definition: A promise to do or refrain from doing some specified action in the future..

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is O_____?

2. Clue/Definition: A response that shows that you see eye-to-eye with another.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is A_____?

3. Clue/Definition: A value that induces the parties to enter into the agreement.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is C_____?

VI. Certainty

1. Clue/Definition: An unclear meaning or being open to more than one interpretation.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is Am____uity?

2. Clue/Definition: A state of being clear.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is C_____?

3. Clue/Definition: Latin Term for “against the offeror.”

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is Contra Pro_____tem?

4. Why is Contra Pro_____tem very important in drafting agreements?

VII. Entire Agreement

1. My plan or [Fill in the Blank] was to help him.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is In___tion?

2. Clue/Definition: An agreement in writing.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is W_____ A______?

3. Clue/Definition: Regarding a written agreement, the Rule that bars prior oral evidence to determine the parties’ intention.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is P_R_L Evidence Rule?


Could you draft a clause using the legal principles above?

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