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Welcome to “Law 101: Hints & Issues.” 

On April 2nd, 2022 @ 0900 NEW YORK CITY TIME, Meet the Team.

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Issue #3: Contract Hints & Legal Issues: March 2022

Here you will find hints on how to understand, negotiate and draft contracts and major issues relating to contracts. The answers will be published after our Zoom Meet & Greet on 4/2/22. Come learn the “ins and outs” of Legal English (Vocabulary), Contract Drafting (Writing) and Negotiating (Speech) from three licensed attorneys.


If you were to read,

Today you may be recorded. In the event you as an individual or entity, continue past this slide and/or participate in this course, you agree that Mr. Smith doing business as Fun Legal English is the Copyright Owner of this lesson; and grants you a license to use it, provided, however, such license terminates upon termination of this lesson.

What type of contract are you agreeing to?

Correct, a Uni_______ Agreement.


Correct, your action is A_____ of the O_____.



Although there are many different types of contracts or agreements, today we are going to learn about two (2) of the seven (7) Essential Terms of a Contract/Agreement.

Do Terms, Conditions and Clauses mean the same thing?


Read the below Clue. Then answer it as a question.

For Example,


Clue/Definition: A court’s/judge’s power to make legal decisions and judgments.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is Jurisdiction?


1. Clue/Definition: A location in a county or district within a state or the U.S. where the lawsuit is to be tried.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is V_____?

2. Clue/Definition: A system of rules created and enforced through courts to regulate behavior.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What are L_____?


Could you draft a clause for the three legal principles above?


Read the below Clue. Then answer it as a question.


1. Clue/Definition: A recognized power to act on one’s behalf.

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is A______?

2. Clue/Definition: CEO is an abbreviation for____________?

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is Ch___ Ex____ Off____?


3. Clue/Definition: CSR is an abbreviation for ____________?

[RESPONSE/ANSWER] What is Cus___Ser____ Rep________?


Which of the above persons would have the A_______ to enter into a One Million Dollar Agreement to buy airplane parts?


Could you draft a clause for the three legal principles above?

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